Former Flight Attendant Pays Tribute to 9/11 Heroes with a 300-Mile Trek

In remembrance of the valiant flight crews who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, Paul Veneto, a retired flight attendant from United Airlines, is embarking on a unique endeavor known as “Paulie’s Push.” Over the course of a month, Veneto will push an airline beverage cart from New Jersey to western Pennsylvania, ensuring that the sacrifices made by these airborne American heroes are never forgotten.

Flight Crews: Unsung Heroes of 9/11

Veneto believes that the flight crews acted as unrecognized first responders on 9/11, bravely encountering unprecedented challenges during the hijackings. To pay homage to their memory, he is retracing the tragic paths taken by each of the four domestic airliners hijacked by terrorists on that fateful day.

A Meaningful Tribute

This mission holds immense personal significance for Veneto as he was acquainted with the crew members aboard United Airlines Flight 175, which tragically crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Among the crew members who lost their lives that day was his friend and colleague, Amy Jarret.

Multiple Journeys Planned

This will be Veneto’s third installment of “Paulie’s Push,” with one more expedition planned for the future. In previous ventures, he walked from Boston to the World Trade Center Memorial and from Washington Dulles International Airport to the Pentagon. The fourth and final journey will be from Boston to the World Trade Center, honoring the crew of American Airlines Flight 11.

A Challenging Expedition

The trek from Newark to Shanksville will be Veneto’s longest and most demanding yet. It will take him through the state of New Jersey and the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Despite the arduous terrain, Veneto remains resolute in his determination to honor the incredible heroism displayed by the crew of United Airlines Flight 93.

Honoring the Heroes of Flight 93

Flight 93 was the fourth and last hijacked plane on 9/11, with brave crew members and passengers who made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent further tragedy on the ground. Veneto draws inspiration from their selflessness and considers them true American heroes.

Through this physically demanding journey, Paul Veneto hopes to preserve the memory of these courageous flight crews and ensure that their contributions to the nation’s history are forever cherished.

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