Former Democrat-Turned-Republican Expresses Support for Biden Impeachment Inquiry Despite Previous Opposition

In a surprising turn of events, Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, who previously identified as a Democrat but now aligns himself with the Republican party, has caught the public’s attention with his change of stance regarding impeachment inquiries. Van Drew made headlines in 2019 when he voted against initiating an impeachment inquiry into former President Donald Trump. At that time, he voiced concerns about the potential for deepening divisions and the inquiry’s lack of bipartisan support, making it likely to fail in the Senate.

Following his switch to the Republican party, Van Drew found himself among avid supporters of Trump. However, despite his previous position, he is now advocating for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The significance of this shift lies in its resemblance to the earlier political dynamics surrounding the Trump impeachment and the partisan nature of impeachment efforts.

Van Drew believes that Republicans should display unwavering dedication, and he is specifically advocating for an inquiry focused on Hunter Biden’s business dealings, echoing Trump’s motives in 2019. His renewed support for an impeachment inquiry came during a conference call with House Republicans, and it has quickly garnered attention.

The congressman has reaffirmed his stance during the call, stating that, in his opinion, “it is definitely time, as we come back in September, for an impeachment inquiry.” This announcement has raised questions about Van Drew’s changing perspective on the divisiveness of partisan impeachment inquiries. As his political trajectory continues to shift, many are eagerly waiting to gain further insights into his reasoning behind supporting an inquiry under a different political context.

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