Florida Death Row Inmate Declines Last Meal Before Execution

James Phillip Barnes, a convicted inmate on Florida’s death row, has chosen not to have a final meal before his scheduled execution. The execution, which will be carried out by lethal injection, is set to take place at the Florida State Prison in Starke.

The Decision Made to Forgo Last Meal

In a surprising move, Barnes has decided against requesting a last meal before his execution. Usually, inmates on death row have the option to choose a final meal, which is typically prepared locally and has a limit of $40.

The Brutal Crime That Shook Florida

Barnes is infamous for his heinous acts, which involved the sexual assault, brutal beating, and setting fire to the bed of nurse Patricia Miller. It is worth noting that prior to her murder, Miller had a history of problematic encounters with Barnes in her Florida condominium.

Unveiling a Troubling Past

Not only did Barnes ruthlessly murder Patricia Miller, but he also had a prior conviction for killing his wife, Linda Barnes, back in 1997. Although he has claimed involvement in at least two other murders, Barnes has not faced legal consequences for those specific crimes.

A Claim of Conversion and Regret

In an unexpected turn of events, Barnes announced that he had converted to Islam and expressed a desire to cleanse his conscience during the holy month of Ramadan. He voiced frustration over how he is perceived as lacking remorse and insisted that he does feel deep regret for his atrocious actions.

Barnes’s Choice to Avoid a Last Meal

Before his execution, James Phillip Barnes, a death row inmate in Florida, has made the decision not to request a final meal. As punishment for the brutal murder of nurse Patricia Miller, he is slated to face lethal injection.

A Legacy of Violence and Regret

Barnes will be leaving behind a dark legacy marked by violence, as he has admitted to multiple crimes, including the murders of both his wife and nurse. Meanwhile, the families of his victims continue to grapple with the profound impact of his despicable deeds.

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