Elon Musk Disagrees with Biden’s Statement about LGBTQI+ Kids: They are NOT Your Kids

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire and owner of Twitter, recently expressed his disagreement with a statement made by President Joe Biden regarding LGBTQI+ kids. Musk took to social media to challenge Biden’s claim that “LGBTQI+ kids are all our kids.” In a tweet, Musk responded, “You are the government. They are NOT your kids.”

Biden’s original remarks were made during a press conference with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on June 8. The president aimed to emphasize his administration’s support for the LGBTQI+ community and their place within American society.

Musk’s response comes after a controversy at the White House involving Rose Montoya, a transgender model and activist who appeared topless at a Pride event on the South Lawn. The act attracted significant media attention and was later condemned by the White House as “inappropriate and disrespectful.”

The White House released a statement clarifying that the incident did not reflect the spirit of the event or the majority of attendees. As a result, those involved will not be invited to future events. The statement did not address Musk’s comments on Twitter.

Montoya has defended her actions on TikTok, citing the legality of being topless in Washington, D.C. She explained that she wanted to support the movement and demonstrate solidarity with her trans masculine friends who were showing off their top surgery scars. Montoya also noted that being topless is within the law in Washington, D.C., and she decided to cover her nipples as a precautionary measure.

New Title: Elon Musk Challenges Biden’s Perspective on LGBTQI+ Kids and White House Controversy Emerges

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