E. Jean Carroll Triumphs in Lawsuit Against Trump for $5 Million

In a significant legal win for magazine writer E. Jean Carroll, a federal judge in Manhattan has dismissed former President Donald Trump’s counter-suit against her. Carroll had accused Trump of sexual assault, leading to a $5 million defamation verdict in her favor in May. Trump had counterclaimed that Carroll defamed him by denying on CNN that he penetrated her with his penis. However, Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Carroll’s statement was not defamatory, as it accurately reflected the modern understanding of rape. The remaining defamation lawsuit is set for trial in January, focusing on Trump’s denials and characterization of Carroll as a liar. The $5 million owed by Trump is currently held in escrow, accumulating interest as he appeals the May verdict. Carroll’s attorney expressed satisfaction with the dismissal of the counterclaim and looks forward to seeking further compensatory and punitive damages. Trump’s attorney chose not to comment, recognizing a small victory in relation to certain statements made in 2019.

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