Donald Trump Criticizes Ron DeSantis for Weaker 2028 Presidential Campaign

In a recent critique on Truth Social, Donald Trump took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, raising doubts about his chances in the 2028 presidential race following a lackluster appearance in New Hampshire. Is DeSantis truly struggling, as Trump suggests?

DeSanctimonious: DeSantis’s Disappointing Showing
Donald Trump didn’t hold back in his criticism of Ron DeSantis, accusing the Florida Governor of lacking crowds, enthusiasm, and interest during his recent visit to New Hampshire. Trump went as far as claiming that DeSantis’s campaign is in complete disarray, hampering his chances for 2028. According to Trump, loyalty is crucial for patriots. Is DeSantis failing to display loyalty towards the former President?

Mixed Reactions to DeSantis’s New Hampshire Visit
However, supporters of DeSantis’s campaign have a different perspective. Despite the rainy weather, they assert that enthusiasm was high during his Fourth of July parades in Wolfeboro and Merrimack, New Hampshire. While Trump criticizes DeSantis’s lackluster performance, could there be more to the story than meets the eye?

Trump Counters with Strong South Carolina Rally
While Trump has faced his own share of criticism for his Independence Day campaign approach, his spokesperson Steven Cheung defends the former President’s actions. Cheung highlights Trump’s massive rally in South Carolina, which reportedly drew an estimated 50,000 attendees. Cheung insists that Trump’s campaign will also make its mark in various parades and patriotic events in key primary states. Are Trump’s efforts overshadowing DeSantis’s campaign?

Trump Remains the Frontrunner
Despite challenges from other contenders, Donald Trump continues to maintain a commanding lead in both national and state-level polls, including in the crucial early primary state of New Hampshire. A recent poll by the Anselm College Survey Center even shows Trump with a substantial 28-point advantage in the state. With such a strong position, does DeSantis stand a chance against Trump?

DeSantis Faces an Uphill Battle against Trump
Steve Cortes, a former Trump supporter advising the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, openly acknowledges the challenges DeSantis will encounter in the primary race against Trump. Cortes admits that they are currently falling behind in national polling and that there is work to be done. Can DeSantis bridge the gap and effectively challenge the current frontrunner?

DeSantis Focusing on Early Primary States
As DeSantis’s campaign presses forward, Casey DeSantis, the Governor’s wife, is slated to make an appearance at a Mamas for DeSantis event in Johnston, Iowa. By joining forces with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, the campaign intends to solidify support in early primary states. Will DeSantis’s efforts be enough to overcome Trump’s overwhelming dominance?

What’s Your Take on DeSantis’s 2028 Bid?
What are your thoughts on the clash between Trump and DeSantis? Do you believe DeSantis’s chances of a presidential bid in 2028 have been jeopardized? Or is Trump’s influence and popularity overshadowing any opportunity DeSantis had? Share your opinion in the comments below and let your voice be heard!

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