Disney Collaborates with Gender-Fluid Influencer to Promote Girls’ Fashion

The Walt Disney Co. has joined forces with Seann Altman, a TikTok influencer who identifies as gender-fluid, in an effort to promote girls’ clothing through social media. Disney Style released a TikTok video featuring Altman dressed in an ensemble inspired by Minnie Mouse, featuring a vibrant red dress adorned with a pattern of Mickey Mouse, complemented by black tights, a white petticoat, and yellow heels. Altman, who goes by the pronouns he/him, wholeheartedly embraces the character, proclaiming “Minnie is ME” and conveying a sense of camaraderie with Mickey and friends.
Throughout the video, Altman adds his personal touch with a belt, lacy white gloves, and a watch, and tops it off with a large red bow, mimicking the iconic “Minnie Mouse ears” look. The post is clearly labeled as an advertisement and includes a paid partnership with Disney Style.
This collaboration by Disney serves as a testament to their support for the LGBTQ+ community, further demonstrating their commitment to stand in solidarity. Nevertheless, it is not without its share of controversy, as it follows previous debates surrounding LGBTQ+ representation and Disney’s involvement in matters related to parental rights in education. This partnership builds on Disney’s recent efforts to incorporate gender-fluid and LGBTQ+ elements into their programming.

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