Devon Archer Criticizes the Biden Brand: Exploiting Influence for Personal Gain

In a conversation with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer, who was once a business partner of Hunter Biden, shared his thoughts on the Biden brand and its use of power. Archer referred to it as an “abuse of soft power,” highlighting the advantages gained from being the son of a former vice president. Together, Archer and Hunter Biden were involved with Burisma Holdings and co-founded BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed investment fund.

During his testimony to House investigators, Archer disclosed that Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s name and position for personal gain. He would frequently put then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone during business calls, a tactic aimed at boosting the reputation and influence of the Biden brand. Archer explained that having the vice president’s voice on a call with foreign businesspersons carried significant weight, elevating their status in the business world. In Washington, D.C., gaining access to such powerful connections is highly valued and influential.

According to Archer, Hunter Biden focused on reducing regulatory exposure for Burisma, and his understanding of the regulatory landscape involved selling access to influential individuals. It is undeniable that some of Hunter Biden’s connections were linked to his familial relationship with the former vice president.

Acknowledging Joe Biden’s vital role, Archer emphasized the impact of the father’s influence in their business dealings. He believes that the Biden brand capitalized on soft power, exploiting the former vice president’s name and position to secure lucrative business opportunities and exert influence.

In conclusion, Archer criticized the Biden brand, stating that it manipulates its influence for personal gain. The Biden family’s name and position have become tools to exploit soft power, granting them advantageous business prospects they would not otherwise have.

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