Devon Archer Challenges President Biden’s Denial of Involvement in Family Business Deals: The Truth Unveiled

During an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, vehemently disputes President Joe Biden’s claims of having no knowledge or participation in his family’s business dealings.
Existence of Evidence Implying Biden’s Awareness of Hunter’s Business Ventures
Archer firmly asserts that Joe Biden was fully aware of his son’s business activities and even had meetings with Hunter’s business partners. To support this claim, he presents a thank you note from Biden as credible evidence.
The Intricate Connection to Burisma and the Controversial Ukrainian Prosecutor Firing
In 2014, Archer and Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and according to Archer, their involvement helped keep the struggling company afloat by leveraging the Biden name. This controversy is further exacerbated by Joe Biden’s advocacy for the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma.
The Exploitation of Soft Power and Compelling Evidence of Family Business Involvement
Archer asserts that the Biden name wielded a significant amount of influence, thanks to Joe Biden’s position as Vice President, and decries it as an “abuse of soft power.” Highlighting more than 20 pieces of evidence, Archer presents a strong case showcasing Joe Biden’s direct knowledge and active participation in the family’s business affairs.
Serious Allegations Against the Biden Family Supported by a Plethora of Evidence
The allegations presented include Suspicious Activity Reports, text messages, emails, photographs featuring business partners, voicemails, whistleblower testimonies, and numerous other pieces of evidence, all pointing towards Joe Biden’s undeniable connections to his family’s financial dealings.

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