DeSantis Urges Disney to Withdraw Lawsuit Against Florida: A Call for Collaboration

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently expressed his gratitude to The Walt Disney Company for their cooperation and made a request for them to retract the lawsuit they have filed against the state of Florida. DeSantis highlighted the support his administration provided to Disney during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to continue operating in Florida while their parks in California remained closed.

DeSantis shared a personal connection with Disney, mentioning that he and his wife tied the knot at Walt Disney World. He made it clear that his intention is not to oppose Disney but rather to encourage them to focus on their fundamental strengths and values.

While acknowledging the past collaboration between his administration and Disney, DeSantis expressed his belief that Disney’s lawsuit against the state of Florida would likely not be successful. He appealed to Disney to reconsider and drop the lawsuit. DeSantis stressed the significance of treating all businesses equally and avoiding the granting of special privileges to any specific company.

Concluding his message, DeSantis reaffirmed Florida’s reputation as a favorable place to conduct business. He pointed out the successful operation of other entertainment competitors such as Universal and SeaWorld in the state, without being granted extraordinary privileges. The governor’s call for collaboration aimed to maintain a fair and equitable business environment for all in the state.

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