DeSantis Undeterred by Leaked Debate Memo, Ready to Take on First GOP Showdown

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not letting a leaked debate strategy memo shake his confidence as he prepares for the upcoming Republican presidential nomination debate. Despite setbacks and negative media coverage, DeSantis is determined to convey his message and defend himself against his competitors.

Addressing the leaked memo from the Never Back Down super PAC, DeSantis made it clear that he had no knowledge of it and had not read it. The memo supposedly advised him to defend former President Donald Trump from attacks and to confront rising contender Vivek Ramaswamy. Nevertheless, DeSantis is focused on his own strategy and vision.

DeSantis acknowledges the recent challenges he has faced, including unfavorable media attention and attacks from different sources. However, he sees these obstacles as evidence of being a strong contender in the race. He remains confident that his message and leadership style will resonate with voters, even in the face of criticism from opponents both on and off the debate stage.

In preparation for the debate, DeSantis has expressed his intent to proactively respond to attacks from his rivals, as well as defend his policies and ideas. His campaign has also emphasized their readiness to handle false accusations and media scrutiny during the event.

DeSantis plans to employ retail-style politics, personally engaging with voters on the ground, with the aim of closing the gap between himself and former President Trump in the polls. He is determined to showcase his leadership abilities and his potential to bring about positive change for the country, positioning himself as a formidable contender for the nomination.

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, who has been critical of Trump, has expressed support for DeSantis, praising his grassroots efforts and his ability to connect with voters. As the first Republican nomination debate approaches, DeSantis remains dedicated to his campaign and undeterred by challenges, ready to assert his vision and defend his track record.

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