DeSantis Shows Potential Advantage in 2024 Virginia Poll, Challenging Trump

A recent poll conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University suggests that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have a stronger chance of defeating President Biden in the 2024 election compared to former President Donald Trump. According to the survey, when participants were asked about a hypothetical matchup between the Republican nominee and President Biden, DeSantis received more support from Virginians than Trump. In a simulated rematch for 2022, Trump obtained 40% of the vote, while Biden secured 43%. However, in a head-to-head contest between DeSantis and Biden, both candidates gathered 41% support, indicating a close race.

The poll also revealed that 54% of respondents disapproved of President Biden’s performance as president. It is important to note that Virginia, a state with two Democratic senators, is facing a significant statewide election. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, even though he has not announced his plans to run for the state’s Senate seat, received 42% support from respondents, with current Democratic Senator Tim Kaine obtaining 47%.

Commenting on the polling results, former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder emphasized that voters in the state appear to be rejecting clear party preferences when making their electoral choices. He emphasized the necessity of strong leadership and representing the people’s interests, regardless of political affiliation.

Conducted from July 14 to 17, the survey gives insights into the potential dynamics of the 2024 election in Virginia. It had a margin of error of 5.4 percentage points.

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