DeSantis Fires Back at Harris Over False Claims About Black History Curriculum in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to Vice President Kamala Harris’ unfounded allegations concerning the state’s slavery curriculum. Harris recently stated that middle school students in Florida are being taught that “enslaved people benefitted from slavery,” but DeSantis vehemently denies these claims.

DeSantis, speaking on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” criticized Harris for perpetuating a baseless narrative about Florida’s curriculum. He accused her of using this issue as a distraction from more pressing matters and of launching an attack on him and his administration. DeSantis clarified that the curriculum was developed in collaboration with African American scholars and aims to present historical truths without any hidden agenda.

House Republicans Consider Potential Impeachment Inquiry Against Biden Amid Allegations

DeSantis also shared his opinion on discussions among House Republicans about the possibility of initiating an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. The House Oversight Committee has raised concerns about corruption and bribery, asserting that the Biden family allegedly received substantial amounts of money from foreign nationals and used “shell companies” to conceal these payments. DeSantis supported the Republicans’ right to pursue an impeachment inquiry, highlighting the unprecedented level of corruption surrounding the Biden family.

Seeking Accountability in Light of Serious Allegations

DeSantis expressed his disappointment with the lack of interest shown by the FBI and the Department of Justice in investigating the alleged corruption involving the Biden family. He emphasized the importance of accountability and transparency, suggesting that the current leadership within the DOJ and FBI may not deliver it to the public.

To conclude, Ron DeSantis is challenging Kamala Harris’ claims about the black history curriculum in Florida, while also calling for accountability in the face of significant allegations against public officials. His stance reflects his dedication to presenting historical truths and advocating for transparency in the political sphere.

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