Customer Files Lawsuit Alleging Violent Attack at Atlanta Popeyes Drive-Thru Unruly Incident Unfolds as Customer Seeks Order Correction, Faces Brutal Assault In an ongoing legal battle, a woman has filed a lawsuit against employees of a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, accusing them of attacking her during a drive-thru altercation that ensued after she attempted to have her order corrected. The incident, said to have occurred in September 2022, took place at the Popeyes establishment located on Cleveland Avenue in southwest Atlanta. An Altercation Escalates into Violence According to the lawsuit filed last week, Denetra Dawson asserts that employees physically assaulted her, forcefully pulling out a chunk of her hair and leaving her with visible bruising. Dawson claims that the confrontation took a violent turn after she requested a correction to her order, and that the employees launched the attack following a heated exchange of words. Subsequently, she alerted the Atlanta Police to report the incident. Allegations Against the Restaurant and Staff Members Mawuli Davis, the attorney representing Dawson from the David Bozeman Law Firm, revealed that one employee allegedly opened Dawson’s passenger door, entered her vehicle, and initiated the assault. Dawson further stated that three employees were involved in the attack, asserting that she had no choice but to defend herself by brandishing a firearm. Consequences and Legal Measures Dawson now seeks justice through legal action, citing the physical and emotional scars she continues to bear as a result of the attack. Both the individuals involved in the altercation and the restaurant’s parent company have been named as defendants in the lawsuit, filed in connection to the incident that transpired last year. Davis claims that the restaurant’s manager, who allegedly had a documented history of violent acts, was negligently hired by Popeyes without proper background checks. Popeyes Issues Response and Vows Accountability Popeyes, in its official statement, emphasized its firm stance against any acts of violence within its establishments. The company confirmed that the incident in question did occur in September 2022 and promptly terminated the employees involved. Due to the ongoing lawsuit, Popeyes refrained from disclosing further details pertaining to the incident. “

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