Controversial Reddit Post: Should OP Fund Their Sister’s College Education?


A post on the popular subreddit r/AmItheA**hole has sparked a debate among Reddit users. The user, referred to as “OP” in this article, seeks opinions on whether they are being unreasonable for refusing to financially support their sister’s college tuition. With emotions running high, both sides of the argument are presenting their viewpoints.

Background Details

OP, a 32-year-old individual, provides some background information on their family dynamics. They explain that their sister, who is 25 years old, has the potential to succeed academically. However, due to their sister’s circumstances and their parents’ financial limitations, she is struggling to afford the rising costs of higher education.

OP mentions that they were fortunate to secure a well-paying job early on, which allowed them to pay off their debts and become financially stable. However, they express concerns about contributing to their sister’s education, arguing that they have no obligation to do so.

Arguments for Assistance

Many Reddit users sympathize with OP’s sister and believe that education is a right. They argue that OP’s success and financial stability should prompt them to support their sister’s aspirations and provide her with opportunities she may not have otherwise.

Additionally, supporters of assisting the sister emphasize the importance of family support during challenging times. They believe that depriving a family member of educational opportunities due to financial limitations is selfish and could harm their future prospects.

Arguments against Funding

On the opposing side, supporters of OP’s decision highlight the importance of personal responsibility. They assert that OP has the right to refuse paying for their sister’s education, especially considering that she is an adult who can explore alternative funding options like loans, scholarships, or part-time work.

These supporters argue that no one should feel obligated to finance another person’s educational journey. They believe that the decision ultimately comes down to personal choice, and OP’s hesitation is valid.

The Verdict

As the debate continues on Reddit, it is clear that the perception of familial financial obligation is a divisive topic. While both sides make valid points, it ultimately falls on OP to decide whether they will contribute to their sister’s college tuition.

OP must assess their relationship with their sister and consider the potential long-term impact of their decision on their family bond. Regardless, this controversial post has sparked a larger conversation about the responsibilities individuals have towards their siblings and the support they should offer, particularly in terms of education.

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