Conservative Initiative Seeks to Repeal Biden’s Clean Energy Act, Dividing Red States’ Supporters

Prominent conservative organizations are throwing their weight behind “Project 2025,” a proposed action plan for the next Republican president. The plan includes the elimination of the Inflation Reduction Act, a law enacted during President Biden’s administration that directed hundreds of billions of dollars towards primarily red states. The Inflation Reduction Act, which was passed by Congress in 2022, allocated $370 billion towards investments in clean energy, garnering praise as a significant step in addressing the climate crisis. It notably benefited states like Oklahoma and Texas, known for their prominent clean energy projects and job growth in the sector. However, the legislation faced fierce opposition from congressional Republicans during its passage.

The Heritage Foundation, a leading conservative think tank, takes the lead in spearheading Project 2025, positioning it as a strategic “battle plan” for the next Republican president, as stated by Paul Dans, a director at the foundation. The organization has distributed the extensive 920-page document to all contenders in the Republican presidential race.

Nevertheless, conservative individuals closely involved with state lawmakers on energy policy are expressing concerns about the repercussions of scrapping the Inflation Reduction Act, as it may conflict with the wishes of their constituents. Sarah Hunt, president of the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy, an organization that collaborates with Republican lawmakers on addressing energy needs, has observed strong support for the I.R.A.’s provisions among many Republican voters in red states.

As the discussion unravels, the future of the Inflation Reduction Act and its potential effects on clean energy funding within red states continue to be highly contentious issues within the conservative landscape.

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