Conservative Christian Couple Throws Dead Rat into Gay Couple’s Restaurant: A History of Disputes

Background: A conservative Christian couple in Virginia has been caught on CCTV throwing a dead rat into a gay couple’s restaurant, escalating years of ongoing disputes between the neighbors.

Disputes and Tensions: The Washers, owners of ICS Financial located next to The Front Porch restaurant, have been engaged in various disputes with their gay neighbors, William Waybourn and Craig Spaulding, since at least 2019. The conflicts revolve around shared car parking spaces, early morning deliveries, bins, and zoning permits.

Homophobic Remarks and No-Trespassing Order: Allegedly, Mike Washer, the conservative Christian involved, has made derogatory remarks about the gay couple. He expressed his disdain for them using homophobic slurs while requesting a tow truck to remove a customer’s car from a parking space. The tensions escalated when Waybourn and Spaulding issued a no-trespassing order against the Washers after Mike repeatedly entered the restaurant without wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further Conflicts and Complaints: The Washers have been accused of attempting to remove customers from their parking spots, issuing their own no-trespassing order, and filing complaints with the health department against The Front Porch. However, no issues were found during the health inspector’s visit to the restaurant.

CCTV Footage and Allegations: In August 2022, CCTV footage captured Mike Washer throwing the dead rat onto the restaurant’s property and taking photos of it. The general manager of The Front Porch, Tiffany Foster, believes it was a staged attempt to create the perception of a vermin problem at the restaurant.

Washers’ Defense: While Mike and Melissa Washer do not deny Mike’s actions, they claim that the rat was originally dumped near their back door by restaurant employees, and Mike was returning it to them.

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