CNN Uncovers Inaccuracies in Biden’s Economy Speech Revealing False Claims

During President Biden’s recent economy speech in Milwaukee, CNN conducted a fact-check and discovered “at least two lies” in his statements. CNN’s Victor Blackwell highlighted Biden’s repeated false claims and enlisted fact-checker Daniel Dale to analyze the inaccuracies.

One of the falsehoods centered around Biden’s anecdote about a conversation with an Amtrak conductor named Angelo Negri during his vice presidency. Biden stated that Negri had informed him about traveling over a million miles on Amtrak, concluding the story with the phrase, “true story, I swear to God.” However, Dale clarified that the story is inaccurate as Negri had passed away before the supposed conversation could have taken place. Moreover, Negri achieved the million-mile milestone in September 2015, while he had already died in 2014.

Dale also addressed another false element in Biden’s speech concerning his mother’s health. Biden claimed he was going to visit his sick mother in hospice care at his home. In reality, Biden’s mother had passed away five years prior to him reaching the million-mile milestone on Air Force 2. Although there was a connection between Biden and Negri, it is noteworthy that the president has repeatedly shared this inaccurate story.

Blackwell also pointed out that Biden repeated a separate false story about his grandfather’s death occurring just days before his own birth, both transpiring at the same hospital. Dale highlighted that this is the second time Biden has made this misleading claim, despite being fact-checked before.

These instances of fact-checking expose the false claims made by Biden in the context of his economy speech. The president has recently faced further fact-checking, including his statements regarding his son Hunter’s financial dealings in China, which were contradicted by Hunter Biden’s own court testimony.

In summary, the fact-checking process has illuminated inaccuracies in President Biden’s statements during his economy speech.

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