CNN Crew Faces Ongoing Car Break-Ins in the Bay Area: A Warning to Visitors

As the surge in crime continues to plague the Bay Area, a CNN correspondent and her crew have fallen victim to car burglaries for the third time. Kyung Lah, the CNN reporter, took to social media to share a shocking video of their car with a shattered window, emphasizing the audacity of the thieves. The incident occurred in Oakland while they were covering a story on crime, and their car was swiftly emptied in a matter of seconds while they were just across the street.

Growing Crime Crisis Impacts CNN Team in the Bay Area

Drawing attention to the severity of the crime situation in San Francisco and Oakland, Kyung Lah has issued a warning to tourists visiting these cities. She urges visitors to refrain from leaving any belongings inside their cars to avoid falling victim to theft. Shockingly, a rental car employee disclosed that on a single Tuesday, 27 out of 250 returned cars had been broken into, accounting for over 10% of the total. This highlights the rampant nature of the issue.

Persistent Break-Ins Undeterred by Safeguards

This incident marks the third time within a year that a rented car belonging to CNN has been targeted in the Bay Area, underscoring the persistence of this problem. Despite taking necessary precautions and ensuring no valuables were left behind, the crew still faced the unfortunate experience of burglary. The situation leaves them and others questioning the effectiveness of current safeguards against such crimes.

Walgreens Stores in San Francisco Fall Victim to Crime Wave

In addition to the personal experiences faced by the CNN crew, Kyung Lah’s team recently witnessed an alarming incident at a Walgreens store in San Francisco. The incident shed light on the pervasive issue of “organized retail crime,” which has forced the closure of multiple Walgreens stores in the city. The rising crime rates even led to the historic recall of San Francisco’s progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin. The city grapples to find solutions to tackle the escalating crime problems.

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