Chris Christie Fires Back at Trump’s Weight Jokes, Labels Him a Fabricator

Former New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, has issued a strong response to former President Donald Trump’s recent weight-related jokes targeted at him. Trump took a jab at Christie’s weight during a campaign speech in New Hampshire, where he mockingly referenced an audience member calling Christie a “fat pig.”

In a direct rebuttal to Trump’s remarks, Christie dismissed him as “immature” and accused him of inventing the audience member’s comment to portray himself as defending Christie. During an interview with Fox News Digital, Christie asserted, “I have reliable sources who were present in the room, and none of them heard anyone making that statement. He simply fabricated it, as he often does.”

Christie also challenged Trump directly, stating, “You perceive yourself as a strong and formidable individual, but it’s all a façade. If you truly want to confront me, I will be on the stage in Milwaukee two weeks from now. Show up, and I’ll be there waiting.” He was referring to the forthcoming first Republican presidential debate scheduled for August 23rd, which will be hosted by Fox News.

The weight-related jokes from Trump and Christie’s impassioned response underscore the ongoing tension and personal animosity between these two individuals, even as they maneuver through the political landscape separately.

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