Buttigieg Highlights Biden’s Ability to Multitask and Defends Administration’s Track Record

In a recent appearance on “CNN Primetime,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came to President Biden’s defense after he mistakenly referred to Ukraine as Iraq. Buttigieg dismissed any concerns about Biden’s age and slip-ups, instead focusing on the president’s unique ability to balance a big-picture vision with attention to detail.

Buttigieg went on to praise the effectiveness of the Biden administration, highlighting their accomplishments such as bipartisan infrastructure legislation and job creation. He argued that what truly matters is the ability to get the job done, rather than dwelling on occasional mistakes.

While Biden’s gaffe received widespread attention and was widely mocked, some mainstream media outlets and reporters downplayed or even ignored the comment. Buttigieg noted that both a White House correspondent from USA Today and a Bloomberg reporter omitted or only partially quoted Biden’s reference to Iraq, leading to criticism and backlash.

Rather than getting caught up in discussions about Biden’s age or occasional slip-ups, Buttigieg shifted the focus to the administration’s achievements. He expressed confidence in their ability to deliver significant results in a relatively short period of time.

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