Biden’s Playful Response to “Dark Brandon” Meme Coincides with Trump’s Arraignment

On the same day that former President Donald Trump faced arraignment on charges related to January 6, President Joe Biden took a lighthearted approach by sharing a video embracing the “Dark Brandon” meme on his Twitter account. The video shows Biden sipping coffee from a mug adorned with the meme, featuring the words “2024.”

To support his campaign, Biden’s tweet also provides a link to purchase the mug from the Biden/Harris website for $22, with proceeds going to the Biden Victory Fund.

The Origins of the “Dark Brandon” Meme

The “Dark Brandon” meme gained popularity during the 2022 mid-term elections following a controversial speech by Biden, where he referred to MAGA Republicans as a dark threat to American democracy. In response to the backlash from MAGA supporters, Biden’s followers coined the term “Dark Brandon” and created memes portraying the president with glowing red eyes resembling the Terminator. They intended to subvert the “Dark MAGA” aesthetic and engage in a meme war.

Trump’s Indictment and the Timing

Special prosecutor Jack Smith announced Trump’s indictment for the third time on charges related to January 6. Intriguingly, this announcement came shortly after Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, implicated him in an influence-peddling scheme during his testimony before the House Oversight Committee. Trump faces four counts, and discussions about the case’s implications and its similarities to past controversies, such as the “Russia collusion” hoax, have ensued.

The Playful “Dark Brandon” Video

In the video, Biden playfully refers to himself as “Dark Brandon” while enjoying his coffee, playing into the meme’s portrayal of him as a more assertive and aggressive figure. The mug, featuring the meme and the label “dark roast,” is part of the Biden Victory Fund’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

The release of the “Dark Brandon” video in the midst of heightened political tension adds a playful element to the heated atmosphere surrounding Trump’s indictment. It also raises intriguing questions about the role of social media in political messaging.

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