Biden Takes Personal Approach to Hunter’s Legal Issues as Aides Keep Their Distance

A recent report reveals that President Joe Biden prefers to handle his son Hunter Biden’s legal problems without much input from White House aides. The president allegedly disregards any “contributions” or “ideas” offered by his aides regarding the handling of Hunter’s ongoing legal challenges. This hands-on approach by Biden indicates his deep involvement in his son’s controversies, with only a trusted circle of aides involved in discussions about the family matters.

According to The Washington Post, discussions about Hunter’s legal issues are generally avoided within the White House because most aides believe their input would not be well-received by the president. It is rumored that Biden has reacted angrily to suggestions from aides that his son’s controversies could have a negative impact on his political standing.

One particular incident that emphasized Biden’s involvement was the recent collapse of Hunter’s tax and gun plea deal, which resulted in the erasure of a felony gun violation from his record. During the hearing, White House aides reportedly made sure that Biden had an open schedule so he could closely monitor the situation, especially because his wife was out of the country at that time.

The administration sees Hunter Biden’s legal issues as a matter of concern, but only a select few close aides are engaging in conversations about how to navigate the family’s legal challenges. The president’s preference for a personal approach regarding his son’s troubles is evident, while most aides choose to keep their distance on this matter.

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