Biden Removes Bug from Reporter’s Shirt During Climate Discussion, Affirms National Climate Emergency

During a discussion centered on climate issues, President Joe Biden took a moment to flick a bug off Stephanie Abrams’ shirt, a reporter from The Weather Channel, as he talked about his climate record. When Abrams inquired if he was ready to declare a national emergency in response to climate change, Biden stated that his actions, such as rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and conserving more land, were practically equivalent to such a declaration. He emphasized the severity of climate change by referring to it as an “existential threat.”

Afterwards, Abrams sought clarification on whether Biden had officially declared a national climate emergency. In response, Biden flicked a bug off her shirt and answered with certainty, stating, “Practically speaking, yes.” The interview occurred shortly after Biden designated the Grand Canyon as a historic national park and pledged $44 million to enhance climate resilience within the national park system. This designation effectively prevents future uranium mining in the area.

Moreover, Biden highlighted the substantial climate efforts undertaken by his administration. He specifically mentioned signing what he described as the largest climate bill in history and underscored its significance in terms of climate conservation and environmental justice.

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