Biden Administration Faces Accusations of Providing False Information to Gold Star Family About Marine’s Death in Afghanistan

During a Congressional forum overseen by Rep. Darrell Issa, Kelly Barnett, a Gold Star mom, delivered a heartfelt testimony about the death of her son, Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, in Afghanistan in August 2021. Hoover was one of the 13 U.S. service members who tragically lost their lives in a suicide bombing amid the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul.

Barnett boldly accused the Biden administration of misleading her and providing inaccurate details concerning the circumstances surrounding her son’s death. She revealed that her son’s apprehensions about the withdrawal began as soon as he arrived in Afghanistan for his final deployment, witnessing disorder, a lack of communication, and inadequate leadership.

According to Barnett, her son was given the task of cleaning up the airport, which deeply saddened and outraged her, as it felt like a disregard for the military and the fallen service members. She expressed feeling betrayed and dismissed due to the incomplete and incorrect reports given to the families regarding their loved ones.

Barnett detailed how she was misinformed about her son’s death, being told that he died on impact, while witnesses confirmed that he lived for a short time, bravely aiding others and even applying a tourniquet to his leg. She voiced doubts about the investigation and questioned whether witnesses were properly interviewed.

Following the withdrawal, Darren Hoover, Taylor Hoover’s father, expressed his anger towards President Biden and other high-ranking officials, demanding their resignations. He called on them to take accountability for their mistakes and ensure that such tragedies never recur.

In response to the testimonies from the Gold Star families, the Department of Defense expressed condolences for the loss of the fallen service members, recognizing their service and sacrifice during the evacuation operations. Nevertheless, the families’ emotional accounts shed light on the anguish and frustration they have endured due to alleged misinformation and a lack of transparency from the Biden administration.

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