Ben & Jerry’s Urges Recognition of Historical Injustices and Land Restitution in Independence Day Message

In a departure from the usual patriotic messages on the Fourth of July, Ben & Jerry’s, the popular ice cream company, has taken a stand by calling for the return of stolen indigenous land to Native Americans. The company argues that the United States was built on land taken from Indigenous peoples and is urging the government to address this issue.

Questioning the Festivities

Ben & Jerry’s contends that traditional Fourth of July celebrations, such as parades, barbecues, and fireworks, often divert attention from the uncomfortable truths surrounding the nation’s founding. Their message emphasizes the need to confront these uncomfortable realities, using Mount Rushmore as an example.

Confronting Historical Injustices

The ice cream company points out that the faces carved into Mount Rushmore represent individuals who actively participated in the destruction of Indigenous cultures and the denial of their basic rights. Additionally, they highlight a 1980 Supreme Court ruling that declared the land on which Mount Rushmore stands was stolen from the Sioux tribe, resulting in a substantial damages award that the tribes refused to accept.

Acknowledging Historical Realities

Ben & Jerry’s underscores the fact that the United States exists on land forcibly taken from Indigenous peoples and calls for recognition of this harsh truth. They propose the return of Mount Rushmore to the Lakota tribe, envisioning a Fourth of July that embraces freedom and justice for all.

Controversial Activism

Ben & Jerry’s has a history of engaging in progressive causes, including supporting the LGBTQ+ community and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The company faced backlash in 2021 after announcing that it would no longer sell its ice cream in Israel’s “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Commitment to Addressing Social Issues

While Ben & Jerry’s has not responded to requests for comment on their Independence Day message, their bold stance reflects their ongoing commitment to addressing social issues through their platform. The company integrates concerns about injustices into its day-to-day business activities.

A Thought-Provoking Independence Day Message

Ben & Jerry’s controversial message challenges the traditional celebrations of Independence Day, prompting a conversation about historical injustices and the ongoing struggle for justice and equality.

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