Attorney Points to Doubts in Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner’s Testimony

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell suggests that Democrats may be ignoring crucial evidence in the testimony of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, Devon Archer. In a closed-door interview, Archer revealed that then-Vice President Joe Biden occasionally engaged in brief phone conversations with individuals Hunter was speaking to, but only for pleasantries. However, despite this revelation, Rep. Daniel Goldman and Rep. James Himes claim that it does not contradict President Biden’s denial of involvement in his son’s business affairs.

Terrell strongly disagrees with these dismissals, pointing out that President Biden’s denials were made in non-binding settings and not under oath, which raises doubts about their truthfulness. He asserts that House Republicans are taking on the responsibility that should be carried out by the Justice Department: conducting a thorough investigation into the Biden family’s business deals. Additionally, Terrell questions the FBI’s handling of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, suggesting that it may have been intended to shield him from consequences.

Furthermore, Rep. Byron Donalds voices his skepticism about the situation, expressing caution about accepting a similar dinner invitation from his own family while serving as a member of Congress. He believes that the circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden’s actions raise concerns about influence peddling and public corruption.

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