Arizona Rancher Criticizes Border Crisis and Biden’s Policies, Calls for Stronger Border Enforcement

John Ladd, a fourth-generation cattle rancher from Arizona, recently voiced his concerns about the ongoing border crisis and President Biden’s policies. Ladd, who owns property on the U.S.-Mexico border, expressed his frustration with the increasing number of illegal migrants crossing his ranch, estimating around 15 people per hour. He highlighted the urgent need for Border Patrol agents to focus on patrolling the border rather than being tied up with paperwork.

Ladd also accused the Biden administration of intentionally changing the demographics of America through lax border enforcement. He argued that this approach undermines national security and jeopardizes the safety of American citizens. The rancher stressed the importance of a strong and secure border to prevent criminal activities associated with illegal immigration.

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County in Arizona shared similar concerns about the border crisis. He testified that the Biden administration has essentially “abandoned” the southern border, leading to a surge in border-related crimes and smuggling incidents. Dannels emphasized that the situation is deteriorating rapidly and that criminal organizations, such as cartels, are gaining the upper hand.

Illegal border crossings have seen a significant spike in July, as reported by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Daily crossings have increased by 134% compared to June, despite extreme temperatures. The fact that migrants, including families with children, are crossing through the Arizona desert in large groups suggests the involvement of smuggling networks.

In light of these developments, Ladd and Sheriff Dannels are calling for stronger border enforcement measures to address the growing crisis. They believe that immediate action is necessary to protect the integrity of the border and ensure the safety of both the local communities and the migrants themselves.

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