Architect of Trump’s Electoral College Manipulation Plan Prepares for SCOTUS Rejection Despite Pushing Forward

An internal memo from the Trump campaign has recently been made public, providing insight into their strategy to undermine the Electoral College process and insert fake GOP electors into swing states following the 2020 election. Pro-Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro authored the memo, outlining a plan to nominate Republican electors in key swing states and have then-Vice President Mike Pence count their votes during the Electoral College certification. Chesebro acknowledged that this strategy was unlikely to be accepted by the Supreme Court but believed it would help divert public attention and provide more time for litigation.

This plan was created as an alternative after attempts to convince state officials not to certify Joe Biden’s victories failed. Although Chesebro has not been charged with any crimes, he is considered an unindicted co-conspirator in the Trump indictment. It has been revealed that Trump campaign officials and Rudy Giuliani were involved in orchestrating the scheme, which included coordination with GOP state operatives and the circulation of counterfeit certificates.

While initially seen as political theatrics, it became clear that this was a calculated strategy. Chesebro and Giuliani discussed concerns of treason regarding the Arizona electors’ actions. Despite expecting challenges, Chesebro’s memo encouraged the Trump-Pence electors to proceed with the plan. Many individuals involved have since faced legal consequences, including forgery charges and a criminal probe.

Title: Inside the Trump Campaign’s Controversial Electoral Manipulation Plot: Unveiling the Memo and Consequences

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