Anticipated Indictments for Unnamed Co-Conspirators in Separate Case, Says Former Prosecutor Weissmann

During a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight,” former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissmann expressed his belief that individuals who were mentioned as co-conspirators in the January 6th indictment involving former President Donald Trump are likely to be indicted in a different case. The show’s anchor, Alex Wagner, asked whether there would be a new indictment in the current case or if the grand jury action was related to the unnamed co-conspirators.

Weissmann explained that the chances of a new indictment directly against Donald Trump in the January 6th case seem to be low, as the prosecution’s goal is to proceed with a trial and ideally set a trial date before the election or the Republican nomination. However, he believes that the co-conspirators are highly probable to face charges in a separate case.

Furthermore, Weissmann indicated that there could be a separate set of charges related to the financial aspect of the case. It may not necessarily require direct implication of Donald Trump for this case to move forward. He drew parallels to the “We Build the Wall” case, where charges were filed against Steve Bannon and his associates for fraudulently raising funds. Should a similar scenario unfold, it could potentially lead to pretrial forfeiture, a strategy employed during the Mueller investigation.

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