Americans Express Disapproval of Biden Administration’s Ethics, Gallup Poll Demonstrates

A recent nationwide survey conducted by Gallup in July has revealed that a majority of Americans, amounting to 55%, hold negative views towards the ethical standards of the Biden administration. This rating is the lowest observed compared to recent administrations, excluding the Trump administration. Merely 42% of respondents gave a favorable ethics rating to the Biden administration, with 34% deeming the standards as “satisfactory” and 8% considering them “outstanding.”

Increasing Polarization in the Evaluation of Ethical Standards
The poll further indicated that 41% of independent voters rated the ethics of the Biden administration as below par, in contrast to only 35% who shared the same sentiment about the Trump administration. This signifies a growing tendency for hyper-partisan reactions towards recent presidential administrations. Notably, no president spanning from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama has obtained an unfavorable ethics rating, although Obama and George W. Bush had ratings as low as 50% at certain points during their terms.

Controversies Surrounding Ethical Conduct in the Biden Administration
The Biden administration has faced various controversies associated with ethics, which encompass violations of the Hatch Act by former chief of staff Ron Klain and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Additionally, there have been allegations of negligence towards ethics guidelines and corruption accusations concerning Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad.

Overall, the poll sheds light on concerns within the American populace regarding the ethical standards upheld by the current administration, while revealing an escalating divide along partisan lines when it comes to evaluating the ethics of presidential administrations.

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