Alabama Boat Dock Brawl: Remaining Suspects Apprehended

In Montgomery, Alabama, authorities have successfully apprehended the two remaining suspects involved in the notorious boat dock brawl. On Wednesday evening, Allen Todd, 23, and Zachery Shipman, 25, turned themselves in to the local police. Earlier on Tuesday, the first suspect, 48-year-old Richard Roberts, had already surrendered.

The chaos unfolded at the Harriott II riverboat dock, which is owned by the city of Montgomery. A pontoon boat, moored at the dock, blocked the larger riverboat from docking at Riverfront Park, igniting a confrontation. The captain of the riverboat attempted to use a public address system to identify the owners of the pontoon boat, escalating tensions. The co-captain of the riverboat then took matters into his own hands by attempting to move the obstructing pontoon boat, leading to a full-blown fight.

Video footage capturing the incident went viral, showing a passenger from the pontoon boat assaulting a dock worker. This triggered further altercations involving crew members and bystanders. While only three individuals have been formally charged, police are requesting Reggie Gray, 42, to come forward and provide a statement about his involvement in the brawl.

Montgomery’s Police Chief, Darryl Albert, expressed the city’s eagerness to move past this unfortunate incident and maintain its positive reputation. The involvement of the FBI in the investigation underscores the severity of the case. Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama also criticized the violence, denouncing it as “entirely unnecessary and unwarranted.” The extent of injuries sustained by those involved in the brawl remains unknown.

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