AI Influencer on Celebrity Dating Apps Raises Concerns: Expert Offers Tips on Spotting Red Flags

Milla Sofia, a virtual influencer and fashion model, has been making waves on social media and the celebrity dating app Raya. However, what sets her apart is that she isn’t a real person but an artificially intelligent bot. Despite this fact being openly shared, many users still express interest in meeting her in person.

The emergence of AI-generated users like Milla Sofia is not only popular on social media but also in the dating realm, giving rise to an increase in catfishing incidents. Alessandra Conti, a celebrity matchmaker, explains that these AI bots are so convincingly real that it becomes challenging to determine if one is interacting with a genuine human being or an AI.

To protect oneself from falling victim to AI bots, Conti advises keeping an eye out for red flags like discussions surrounding money. This can be a clear indication of a potential scam. Some AI bots are programmed to establish an emotional connection with users and then introduce topics related to cryptocurrencies or investment opportunities to gain their trust.

While AI influencers like Milla Sofia are transparent about their AI identities, some bots may not be as open, leading to deceitful encounters on dating apps. Conti recommends that users remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of their matches, particularly on platforms like Raya, which are susceptible to AI bot infiltration.

Overall, the proliferation of AI-generated profiles presents a challenge for users who are seeking genuine connections online. It is crucial to exercise caution and remain cautious to avoid falling prey to catfishing schemes.

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