A Former Activist Shares Concerns about the Agenda She Helped Promote

Former Pro-Transgender Activist Opens Up About Regrettable Role

Kay Yang, a former pro-transgender activist, is now speaking out about the work she did at an LGBT Center and expressing remorse for the agenda she helped push. Yang, who was initially excited about her job as an outreach and education coordinator, has come to realize the unintended consequences of her actions.

Yang’s work involved conducting cultural sensitivity trainings in local schools in collaboration with businesses and organizations. However, as she delved deeper into gender identity ideology, she discovered that the vocabulary and concepts she was promoting were erasing the experiences and rights of biological females. This realization shocked her and led to her growing concern about the implications of her activism.

Reflecting on her past involvement, Yang acknowledges that her advocacy inadvertently contributed to harmful policies that affect children and undermine the rights of women and girls. In addition, she reveals an aspect of her work that involved reporting the number of individuals with an “LGBT identity” in order to secure funding from the New York State Department of Health. According to Yang, this funding was then used for what she describes as questionable public indoctrination initiatives.

By sharing her experiences, Yang hopes to shed light on the hidden agenda she witnessed during her time as a pro-transgender activist. Her story highlights the complexities and potential consequences of certain advocacy efforts within the LGBTQ+ community.

Title: Former Pro-Transgender Activist Opens Up About Unintended Consequences and Hidden Agenda

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